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witney. they're leaving us tonight. we're moving to tuesday for our performance finale. stay tuned for your local news. i'm cat deeley. good night.  this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> we are following several big stories tonight.
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a man beaten and robbed on capitol hill in the same area where another vicious attack took place. >> plus, day two at the dnc. former president bill clinton about to take the stage as the spotlight shines on women voters. and scary moments in a virginia lake. an elderly woman attacked by a rabid beaver. >> thanks for joining us, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. the attack happened a few blocks away from an attack that left a man in a coma. >> the victim in this new case moved to the nation's capitol a week ago. the utah native doing a political journalism internship on capitol hill was hurt so bad, the photo he took after the beating sent to us is too graphic to show you on tv. but a day later, he is talking about the violent robbery that could be connected to the one last month that nearly took a
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young father's life. >> two small lacerations. actually, lacerations were an inch long. the lacerations came from the two punches, mostly this side of my face and my lip. >> his name is casey adams. punched, kicked, and robbed tuesday night on capitol hill. the attackers, two men caught him off guard while casey was speaking with his wife on a cell phone. >> after they knocked my phone down and it was on the ground, i said that's all. that's all i got. you got it all. >> 26-year-old managed to hang on to his wallet where he always keeps his wedding ring. >> you can see the little indentation of it right there. i work in a commercial bakery back home where i'm from in utah. i'm from utah and we can't wear jewelry. it's home right there. >> what casey didn't know until he spoke with reporters is that detectives are trying to find out if his late night attack is connected to another one a couple weeks ago. the father of a little boy just shy of two years old was
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brutally beaten and robbed of his phone as well. both crimes on north carolina avenue near eastern market on the hill. tc has undergone two brain surgeries since his attack. they say the people in this 2005 hyundai senata were using tc's credit card near the crime scene. adams says his attackers took off in a car, but he didn't see it. >> in pote cases, the attackers took cell phones. d.c. police chief believe that is the main reason the city is seeing a spike in violent robberies. the street value of the cell phones, it is instant money for the bad guys. starting this october, all cell phone companies will be required to permanently disable phones and police remind us all, shawn, not to talk and walk because we are distracted when we do so. >> certainly good advice. thank you. new tonight, take a close
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look at this picture. d.c. police are asking for the public's help. he is accused of armed robbery inside a church. it happened at st. stevens saturday in northwest. police say the suspect robbed one person, pointed a handgun at another. he got away with one victim's money, wallet, and iphone. if you have any information, call d.c. police. democrats in charlotte are rolling out one of their biggest guns tonight. former president bill clinton in the wings ready to speak to the delegates. as the convention heads into night number two. there has been a big change. today on where the last night is going to be held. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is following this. the big outdoor stadium speech is coming inside. >> earlier today, thunder and lightning forecasts for the charlotte area. convention officials have decided they were canceling their plans to have president obama accept the democratic nomination outside at the nfl stadium of the carolina panthers. instead, he is going to deliver that speech in the 20,000 seat
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time warner arena where that convention is now being held. tonight, right now, democrats are turning their focus to healthcare and women's issues. leading the pack this evening was maryland senator. spoke about how the president's healthcare reforms have affected women's birth control issues, cancer screening, and other health concern. veteran cares issues were highlighted by a vietnam veteran, care he received 40 years ago compared to what the oma administration is promising for today's generation. >> we know every issue is a woman's issue. and equal pay for equal work is an all american issue. >> last memorial day. president obama declared the treatment of vietnam veterans a
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national shame. and he spoke true, sweet words. my generation of returning veterans have yearned to hear. welcome home. >> the two big themes tonight again, were healthcare and veteran care issues. all of them were tied together tonight. especially in the form of a d.c. resident. georgetown university law student, sandra, who is now a practicing attorney, was at the center of a storm earlier this year when she was denied the ability to testify at a congressional hearing over the federal financing of birth control. rush limbaugh drew criticism for pointing slurs he directed and the democrats as well tried to also highlight her. after a week for the republicans, which was not the way they had intended to go. after one of their own congressman made comments doubting the legitimacy of rape and abortion. tonight, sandra was moved out
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of her early everyoning slot right into the 10:00 hour where she'll be sharing this hour with former president, bill clinton. joining us now from charlotte, our fox 5 political analyst. mark, good to see you. i want to start off with this switch today of stadium locals. what has that done to charlotte and what you would think would be a mad dash to get tickets into that arena? >> well, they made a decision either that they couldn't fill the stadium or that the weather would be a deterent. they went ahead to fill that stadium with 75,000 people. we are hearing conflicting stories, but in the end, the decision was made to have it here and then president obama will come back and in some way, make it up to people who haho w go. >> big theme tonight, mark,
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was womens issued. you saw the senator out there with the line of female u.s. senators. given the week the republicans had before their convention with the comments by congressman aiken, how important was it for democrats to drive home this point about the differences between their political party and where the republicans are coming in on a lot of these issues regarding women. >> yeah, i mean, there is an enormous gender gap and the president wants to maximize his lead among women. he is not doing anywhere near as well. in fact, he's not doing -- losing among men. women, about 10 to 15 points in different polls. there were nine democratic senators there, barbra who served longer than any woman senator, and they want to maximize that and appeal to independent women. women who are not registered democrats and get them out to the polls and say that the
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democratic party has more of the aspirations and needs of the women than the republican party. >> and mark, real quick, they drew in tonight the issue of not only veterans care and the war in iraq and the war that is now combat action has been concluded in iraq. but also the issue of veterans care, which was something that the republicans were criticized for not speaking more about. >> they had the general, who is head of the veterans make that point. an excerpt from the clinton speech, which will be the block buster. you want a country of shared prosperity and shared responsibility. we are all in this together. vote for barack obama and joe biden. >> all right, mark fox 5 political analyst, joining us live from charlotte tonight. and brian, as you heard mark say, we are awaiting former president bill clinton to take the stage down there tonight in share charlotte.
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>> preparing for the presidential debate. they begin next month. romney is staying at his former lieutenant governor's home. play president obama in mock debates. he was reportly on the short list for romney's vice presidential picks. he served in the same role for mccain in '08. new details about that powerful earthquake that rocked costa rica. you can see the surveillance cameras shaking violently there. the 7.6 magnitude quake was centered 90 miles west of the capital san jose. officials say it collapsed some houses, a bridge, and caused landslides. authorities reported two confirmed deaths. the quake triggered a tsunami alert. >> national transportation safety board released its preliminary report on a train derailment that killed two young women in maryland last month. the report says the train was traveling at 25 miles per hour, which is the set limit in that part of ellicott city. the 19-year-olds were sitting on the train overpass when the
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train derailed. the report does not say what caused the incident. it could take up to a year to determine the cause. >> the air is heavy out there. talk about humidity. definitely still feels like summer. take a live look. oppressively uncomfortable. some seeing some storms tonight. sue is in the weather center. >> this humidity has got to go. it is hotter than in points in the summer. we are expecting low 80s. we got to 90 degrees and the dew point is high. you mentioned yes, there are a couple thunderstorms around. they are not widespread. we'll take you straight to the radar. that is not an area of rain you are seeing there sweeping that. just a little bit of ground clutter. the storms are getting toward the beaches. heavy rain and a lot of lightning as these are pretty fast movers now. so we are not seeing the flash flooding concerns, but they are dropping a will lot of rain. we get closer here, not too far from route 50. north of queenstown.
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one other small storm moving away. you know they have been talking about not having that big speech by president obama outside tomorrow because there could be storms around. look at that huge line of storms, what we call the con convective complexes. it's still warm at 80 degrees. we see something nice on the weather map and i think you'll be able to spot it here, too. what is that? a 50-degree reading right now and that is far to the north. fargo is 60 degrees. we are seeing that at international falls. cooler air is going to get in here within the confines of our seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that coming up later. i also want to let you know, there could be fog later on. more details on that seven-day coming your way in a little bit. >> an 83-year-old woman attacked by a rabid beaver in virginia. >> i was yelling get out of the water. she said can't, it has my leg. >> how it all went down.
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>> and later, new details in the nationwide hunt for a woman with ties to our area accused of producing child porn. where authorities snapped her and her husband. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies.
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question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. an 83-year-old fairfax county woman is in the hospital tonight after a rabid beaver attacked her. a friend who was boating at the time came to her rescue. audrey barnes spoke to him tonight. >> reporter: michael was boating on lake barcroft when he noted a beaver that didn't seem quite right. >> i saw it and five seconds, i could tell it was abnormal. >> the beaver made a b-line for lillian peterson who was swimming 200 yards away. >> when i was half way across the lake, i was yelling, get out of the water. she said i can't, it has my leg. >> he tried to beat it off. >> i got to her, her butt was on the dock. i could see she was bloody and
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the beaver was there, you know, looked like it was standing up chewing. >> he beat the beaver with a canoe paddle and it gave up. neighbors took picture of it afterwards. peterson was rushed to the hospital. her most severe injury, a partially severed thumb. it would have been much worse if he wasn't there. a chance encounter with an old friend. >> she is a dear person. she has been my coach, coincidentally, as a realtor for ten years. she is always looking out for other people and it was fortunate i was there to help her as much as she helped me over the years. >> he admits his run in will change his ways on the water. >> i'm not scared of wildlife, i'm not scared of beavers because of the rabies issue. it's people being aware and let people know where you are going. if you see erratic behavior, stay clear. >> audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> the national transportation safety board wants airlines to
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install collision warning systems on commercial jets. it comes after several incidents on the ground at u.s. airports. the board is hoping for is am that allows them to see planes to keep them from linking each other. there was an incident, a jet clipped the tail section of a united express commuter plane. fortunately, no one was hurt, but both planes were damaged. >> turulence at the authority. the agency cracking down on itself tonight after reports of lavish travel, questionable contracting practices and what some view as a sweetheart deal for a board member. fox 5 has the story. >> it is sort of an old boys network working here. >> it was a contention meeting of the air force authority and it is all volunteer, unpaid board of directors. >> because we basically been vilified in the media recently and it has been an
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uncomfortable situation where me, personally. >> the board has authority over reagan national and dulles airport. the dulles toll road, and phase two of metro's silver line to loudoun county. it has come under fire after an inspector general's report blasted the authority for tiring practices, and the way it awards no bid contracts. >> i'm sorry that we are that way right now. this board has become everything what it should not be. >> the air force authority's president and ceo, jack potter came under attack for hiring a board member days after she resigned. for a job paying $180,000 a year. >> she leaves on a friday and goes to work on a monday. anybody that would look at this would leave with an impression she was paid off to get off this board of directors. >> i'm responsible for the hiring of riley. i hired her because of her
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skill set. >> about those lucrative, no bid contracts -- >> in any given situation, you're going to know somebody that knows somebody that might know a contractor. it seems like you are put in a straight jacket. >> after one board member was criticized for spending $9,000 taxpayer dollars to fly business class to a conference in europe. the board placed new restrictions on members domestic and overseas travel. >> the bottom line is, putting in best practices and it is our job as a chairman to follow those practices and that we earn whatever trust we have lost. >> mr. potter and the board are now working on ethics reform. by the way, that former board member hired by the air force authority, she's now leaving her job, but taking with her a year severance, $180,000 worth. i'm bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> the d.c. police department and two officers slapped with a federal lawsuit.
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coming up next, find out why a man claims the officer stole a smart phone and kept the memory card. ♪
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in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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two d.c. police officers were accused of trying to intimidate a man for taking cell phone pictures of activity and illegally taking the man's phone. fox 5's john hanrahan has the story. >> on july 20, earl staley was walking near the corner of mlk avenue and raleigh street in southeast washington when he observed d.c. police officers beating the driver of a motorbike. >> different police officer was down. looked like they were punched them. so i went over and got my camera ready to go, because i know they were wrong. >> at that point, chest bumps him and other spectators and a second vice officer --
10:25 pm
>> he reaches over my back and grabs my phone. he takes my phone from me and tells me i'm not getting back. that it's illegal for me to take pictures of them. >> this incident in southeast washington happened one day after d.c.'s chief of police issued a general order reminding policeman that under the first amendment of the constitution, citizens do have the right to photograph police activity that happens in public. and only a watch commander or other supervisor can authorize the seizure of a camera for evidence purposes. the american civil liberties union helped staley file a lawsuit against the officers and the police department. >> people have a right to photograph the police. you can't tell them not to. you can't block their view. you can't -- certainly can't take their camera. >> when he went to the 7th district police station, he got his camera phone returned, but later discovered the memory card in it was gone. >> three years, by the time
10:26 pm
four years old now, but three years, gone down the hole. >> the chairman of the order of police thinks the lawsuit is a teapot. >> we have hundreds of thousands of interactions with residents and tourists and citizens every year and they have been able to produce two occasions in the last five years where we supposedly interfered with, or took a camera from someone. >> chris also told us he doubts some of these specific allegations in the lawsuit. one of the two policemen named sent us an e-mail saying he hasn't had a chance to see the complaint, so he doesn't have much of a comment. the city is a defendant in the lawsuit, the police department referred all questions to the office of the attorney general where a spokesman confirmed they are reviewing the lawsuit, but at this time, have no comment. the lawsuit is seeking monetary damages. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> cases of the west nile virus are skyrocketing
10:27 pm
nationwide. we'll break down those numbers next. plus, dr. oz and his medical team give physicals in d.c. why they were not exactly happy with what they discovered. next. rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better.
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that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> fox 5 is focusing on health today. we asked viewers to sign up for a 15 minute physical thanks today to dr. oz and the medical team at howard university. hundreds of people got a free checkup. the biggest turnout of their nationwide screenings. not only did people learn about their own health, but they got to assess the general health of the d.c. metro region. laura evans has the story. >> anthony hasn't had a checkup in years because he doesn't have health insurance. so he jumped at the chance for a free physical. >> my blood pressure, so i didn't know what the fraction meant. she explained it to me today and i'm not going to forget it. >> from a fast finger prick to
10:31 pm
a quick questionnaire, among 800 people who lined up early outside the college of medicine to take five simple tests for insight into their overall health. >> do you get regular checkups? >> the cholesterol and everything else was high. >> cholesterol just one of the five health markers tested along with weight, blood pressure, waist size, and diabetes. all the testing done by dr. oz and the medical volunteers at howard university college of medicine. >> i learned a lot about the health of washington, d.c. not all of it is good. i learned a will lot of folks think they are healthy and they aren't. >> most people aren't getting enough sleep in d.c. and that can lead to high blood pressure and weight gain. if you are tired, you tend to eat more carbs. more than half the people have high blood pressure. 53%. tests also found the district has a weight problem. 2/3 of the people tested are over weight or obese.
10:32 pm
20% were normal weight while the national average is 33%. many people are armed with valuable information. >> people are very empowered. they feel like they have hope. the first question was, what do i do about it? >> the hope that the 800 people that got their checkups at the college of medicine will take the information and use it to launch themselves into a healthier lifestyle. in the district, laura evans, fox 5 news. >> in tonight's health alert, cases of the west nile virus are soaring. u.s. health officials release new numbers today and say the inspections and the virus hit new record levels. jonathan has the latest. >> the number of west nile virus cases in the u.s. continuing to rise. the centers for disease control and prevention reporting a 25% jump from last week's 1590
10:33 pm
cases to 2,000 as of tuesday. >> 1,993 cases reported this far in 2012 is the highest number of west nile virus disease cases reported to cdc through the first week in september since west nile virus was first detected in the united states in 1999. >> the cdc says the number of deaths from the mosquito born disease has spiked 32% since last week, rising from 66 to 87. the lone star state continues to lead the nation with at least 888 reported cases and 35 deaths according to the cdc, but officials with the texas department of state health services say their figures show those numbers to be higher, with 1,013 reported cases and 40 deaths. the west nile virus has been detected in 48 states with human cases reported in 44. cdc officials say figuring out why this year has been so bad
10:34 pm
is no easy task. >> we really don't know at this point in time what factors may have contributed to this outbreak. we think it is weather related. why it occurred in dallas more than other areas is a matter of speculation at this point. and it's one of the things that we are going to be looking at very carefully when all is said and done at the end of the season. >> the worst year ever for a west nile outbreak was in 2008. with 9800 cases reported nationwide and 264 deaths. in atlanta, jonathan, fox news. >> children's author announced she has breast cancer. the 74-year-old opened up about her diagnosis today. she underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. her cancer wasn't detected by a mammogram or regular physical exam because she had dense breast tissue. her message for women, get a sonogram. country singer and former american idol contestant shaved
10:35 pm
her head. she did it to support her childhood friend. the picture of the two friends, her friend had a double mastectomy. she has a family history of breast cancer, so she had a mammogram, which found the tumor. coming up next, kidnapped and forced to rob her own bank. we'll tell you how it happened coming up. also ahead. >> what's on the menu at the school cafeteria today? these kids are helping decide. i'm beth parker. that story coming up. america's ability to complete globally is in decline. according to a new survey, the united states is ranked 7th in a list of the world's most competitive economies. last year, we were number five. concerns over our fiscal issues, one of the main reasons for that drop. meanwhile, another drop in interest rates wasn't enough to get more people into the housing market. mortgage applications falling for the fifth straight week. this coming with mortgage rates still near record low levels.
10:36 pm
>> and ahead of friday's job report, one company is cutting jobs. cosmetics company, revlon slashing 5% of its work force. and another week, another round of recalls. this time from ford. the auto maker putting the brakes on more than 7,000 of its new escape suv's. the problem, leaking in the coolant system that can cause fires. that's not a good thing. and that's business. i'm dennis neil. s where in season right now.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. a bank robbery in l. a. involving a kidnapping and a
10:40 pm
bomb. two masked gunmen kidnapped a bank manager, held her overnight. listen to what the sheriff's office happened next. >> she was held against her will overnight and in the morning, she either drove herself here or the suspects drove her here, i don't know which yet, and she was -- a device was strapped to her body and she was sent into the bank. she was ordered to take the money out of the bank, which she did. >> the sheriff's office says the woman told the bank employees what was happening, got the bags of money and threw them outside. the bomb squad detonated the device. the robbers got away with the cash, but no one was hurt. the fate of drew peterson is in the hands of an illinois jury. they are deliberating whether he murdered his third wife. jurors requested another look at picture of sabio's body at the murder scene, bruises and scratches. peterson pled not guilty to
10:41 pm
murdering his wife in 2004. if convicted, he faces 60 years in prison. a convicted terrorist will receive a new prison sentence. he was convicted in 2007, plotting a terrorist attack on u.s. soil. miami judge initially sentenced him to 17 years, but an appeals court ruled he deserves a longer sentence due to his lengthy record. padia is set for release in january of 2022 with time off for good behavior, it's not clear how many more years could be added to his sentence. here's a lock at what is coming up at 11:00, wiping hundreds from its ranks. a massive sweep of afghan security forces after a deadly increase in attacks on u.s. troops and its allies. cashing in on casinos, how much money maryland is pulling in. those stories and more on the news edge at 11:00. 
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10:44 pm
with the struggling economy, poverty rates are up and more children than ever are going to school hungry. take a look at the new numbers
10:45 pm
from the usda. children dealt with hunger in 2011. that translates to one in every five kids. we talked today with the manager for a program called no kid hungry, which works to give families a hand up. >> this program teaches families how to shop for and prepare healthy meals on a budget. so this actually enables them to supplement the federal nutrition programs that are helping them. >> more than half of families who struggle with hunger report they have gotten help from a federal food and nutrition program. a new healthy school menu is being put to the test in a local district. first, the plan needs a thumb ease up from the kids themselves. fox 5's beth parker shows us. >> with a crunch comes the biggest change in school nutrition in years. >> what do you think? >> it's good. >> good enough to make it past these tiny taste testers at
10:46 pm
yorkshire elementary school. they were joined by a big cheese. the deputy under secretary of agriculture for food, nutrition, and consumer services. >> every food fits in a diet. it is just how often you eat it and how big your portion sizes are. >> the usda launched a program called the school day just got healthier. changing menus based upon an act of converse. >> these changes in the menu mean they will be more of something and less of others. >> we'll see more fresh fruits and vegetables. more whole grains. looking at reduction in fats and sugars. >> kids are testing five new menu items. if you like it, you circle the smiley face. if not, you make this face. there was broccoli salad. >> this is good. >> black bean pizza. >> it's a little spicey. >> i don't like the black bean pizza.
10:47 pm
i didn't like the plantanes. >> kids have to buy in. nutrition that goes in the trash can isn't nutrition. >> she is glad she can take two vegetables. >> so we can build more muscles and everything. >> are you trying to get stronger? why do you want to get stronger? >> when i get older, i can get a good job. i won't be a couch potato. >> to be able to talk to kids, to interact and hear their point of view and they are very clear and direct in telling you not necessarily what you want to hear, but how they really feel. >> overall, a thumb's up, some asked for seconds. in prince william county, beth parker, fox 5 news. and i like the kids that are voting on their own lunches. >> that's fantastic. >> i haven't felt humidity like this all summer. >> it's rough out there. >> where have you been? >> it hasn't been this humid. >> it is pretty darn high. i remember seeing the dew point in the mid 70s a couple times
10:48 pm
this summer and that's where it is right now. remnants of isaac. aren't you sick of it? >> relief. >> we need relief and guess what? here comes relief. probably not in the time frame you'd like it, but can you hang in there for the weekend and beyond? i think that's when we'll see a nice change in the weather pattern. tonight, we begin with the weather headline because we are going to get cooler and yes, less humid, but not until the weekend. just want you to be prepared for that. certainly today was one of them with a high temperature of 90 degrees, average for this time in september should be 83, maybe 84 degrees. it is still in the triple digits from little rock down to del rio. a lot of folks still don't have power from the remnants of isaac. a hopeful sign on a weather map. we find temperatures that are only in the 70s today, including international falls, which is now down to 50 degrees
10:49 pm
with 72 for a high. a little cooler push is coming. it's going to take a while to get in here, you'll notice it by sunday and start seeing temperatures trend down by the time we get to saturday. it's still 80 degrees. not too far from what our average high should be. the dew point is still 74. very uncomfortable. most places are in the 70s and you know what? the humidity will be around again tomorrow. just prepare for that. combine the humidity and the air temperature and it feels like 85 degrees here in early september. 85 for annapolis as well. and this, no it is not rain, seeing a lot of moisture, watch for a bit of fog to form later tonight and the only storm activity pretty much still watching this band, exiting the beaches. now downpours were all over the place and another area we are watching is this line of storms that has been moving through the deep south. finally starting to weaken. that is also moving into the charlotte area. those are going to be strong storms capable of producing
10:50 pm
wind damage. so a little bit of, what we had around here tonight was the trough associated with a piece of left over isaac. wait, there's a second piece. i want to show you where that has gotten to. it's this little feature right here that moved into the gulf of mexico. would you believe the hurricane center is watching it, because it could develop. it has a 50/50 chance of becoming a new tropical storm even though its origins were with isaac. why are we jumping from i to n? we have the l storm out here. the k storm formed. it is hurricane lesli. we have tropical storm michael, could become a hurricane. this one, they are going to watch it in bermuda. we'll have high swells here in the east coast. but check out the path and this is as of 5:00. only moving to the north. it looks like bermuda is going to get pounded by this thing over the weekend. and again, high surf and rip currents for the east coast and
10:51 pm
close call for the canadian meritime. another hot day tomorrow. we'll have an isolated storm or shower around. friday, a second front trying to get closer. we'll be hot again on friday and that's the relief. that gets in here for the weekend, just to show you the cooler change. a couple storms could be around saturday especially and maybe again on sunday. but i think this front might move through by sunday afternoon and the cooler air tries to make its approach to d.c. first part of next week. looks great. all right, let's wrap it up with your fox 5accuweather seven-day forecast. two more hot days, a transition on saturday with more storms, maybe more widespread. and then how about that sunday temperature of 80 with some cooler 60s at night. monday, tuesday, wednesday, upper 70s to low 80s. that is what i remember september to be like. we are not trying to wait for isaac to get out of here. >> all right, thanks.
10:52 pm
>> part of wisconsin avenue will be closed tomorrow and friday so crews can remove decaying trees. maryland highway association crews shut down a northbound lane between norwood drive and comperland avenue today. the trees are being removed so they don't fall over on to the road. crews expect to be finished sometime friday. the redskins open up their season sunday afternoon in new orleans against the saints. bad news for skins fans. the team lost another player to injury already. lindsey murphy has the latest now. lindsey. >> the redskins announced today that safety brandon mayweather will open the season because of a sprained left knee. he had a setback on monday, so he could be out anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. this is the week that every football player prepares for, when the practices count and the score will matter on sunday. and robert griffin iii spoke today. he said he is prepared and
10:53 pm
excited about the game. his family is from new orleans. both parents born and raised and griffin is expecting 30 to 50 family members to be there. this is a big game for him. rg3 is the first redskins rookie to start game one since 1961. so robert, are you nervous? >> i didn't think i would, but i feel different. i feel like the guys are, you know, it's real. i think it's not that guys weren't out here working hard or anything like that, but everyone is working, knowing that stuff counts. this game is going to count and hopefully we can get the victory. >> i think for the starters and everybody, it's a sense of urgency. you don't want to start the season off with a loss, you know, you want to put stuff in the bank right now, because later in the season, the games become more important. you know, it's better as far as going through the season, especially against the saints. >> robert was really funny. he has 30 to 50. he is only paying for seven
10:54 pm
because the others either are or were saints fans before he got drafted. they are on their own to defend for themselves. >> he expects them. family rallies around. >> absolutely. he'll get some cheers. >> thanks, lindsey. coming up next, hundreds of people mourn the death of a florida man. only thing is, he is still alive. find out what led to the mixup still ahead tonight. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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imagine your friends are grieving your death, but you're alive and well. it's what happened to a florida man on labor day after a mixup. fox explains. >> richard truly has something to dance about. his life, he and his wife own the ballroom and made friends with hundreds of dancers over the years, including terri lynn
10:58 pm
goodrich. goodrich saw an obituary and broke down. >> i immediately started crying in the state of disbelief and sent an e-mail to my boss that i needed to be off at 10:00 wednesday morning. there was a funeral that i needed to attend. >> good rich sent out a group e-mail across central florida. >> send her condolences. another and another. the news seemed to be spreading like wild fire. when deb got tired, richard would pick up the fun. >> i was surprised and i would answer it. >> another richard in lakeland, about the same age. but that one spelled his last name with a w. this one doesn't. >> i felt terrible for the other gentleman's family. but actually, it kind of made me giggle a little bit because richard has been in so many
10:59 pm
life, death situations. real life, death situations that i kind of thought this was another one of his nine lives coming back at him. >> you see, richard was a top dance competitor. a few years ago, he got bad news. he needed a lung transplant and got it. but his body rejected the lungs. he just got a second transplant. so for years, he has been living only one step ahead of pow potentially dying. >> it's nice to know that you would be missed. >> something that most of us will never know. in lakeland, ken swarez, fox news. thanks for joining us, here is brian with the news at 11:00. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside. but who burns for america on the insid

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